Inside An Athletes Bag: LSKD Essentials for Trail Running with Macauley Ryan

Inside An Athletes Bag: LSKD Essentials for Trail Running with Macauley Ryan

Written by: Bree Masters

Trail running demands both physical and mental endurance, and being well-prepared is crucial for success. Inside an athlete's bag, you'll find an assortment of essentials tailored to meet the rigorous demands of the trail. Today, we take a peek into the bag of LSKD Athlete Macauley Ryan, showcasing the LSKD essentials that keep him on top of his game.

#1 Running Vest

A running vest is a staple for any trail runner. Designed to be lightweight and provide ample storage, it keeps essentials like water bottles, gels, and other necessities within easy reach. Look for vests with adjustable straps for a customised fit and multiple pockets for organised storage. Many modern vests are also equipped with hydration systems, allowing for easy access to water without having to stop.

#2 Running kit

Breathable and moisture-wicking performance clothing is essential to keep cool and dry during long runs. LSKD's range of running gear includes tops and shorts designed to move with the body, reducing chafing and enhancing comfort. Macauley prefers clothing made from technical fabrics that provide UV protection and quick-drying properties. Compression gear can also be beneficial for improving circulation and reducing muscle fatigue.

#3 Sunglasses

Protection from the sun's glare is critical, especially on exposed trails. High-quality sunglasses are a must to shield the eyes from UV rays and debris. Macauley opts for The Oakley Radar EV Path with polarized lenses, which reduce glare and enhance visibility on bright days.

#4 Hydration

Getting your hydration in on long runs can be a hassle. Whether it’s a hydration bladder integrated into the running vest or collapsible water bottles, Macauley always ensures he has enough fluids to stay hydrated throughout his run. Electrolyte tablets or powders can be added to water to help maintain hydration levels and prevent cramps. Macauley chooses the LSKD Soft Flask that decompresses as you drink for easy, hassle-free storage. Once you're all done, pop it into your vest for the rest of your run and get your mind back to what matters.

#5 Head torch

A head torch is indispensable for early morning or late evening runs. It illuminates the path ahead, making it safer to navigate through low-light conditions. Macauley opts for a head torch with adjustable brightness settings and a wide beam for optimal visibility. Features like rechargeable batteries and water resistance add to the convenience and durability. A comfortable, adjustable strap ensures the torch stays in place without causing discomfort.

#6 Hat

A hat serves multiple purposes: it shields from the sun, keeps sweat out of the eyes, and can provide a bit of warmth on cooler days. Macauley opts for the LSKD Hybrid Performance Hat.Crafted from a blend of lightweight, quick drying fabrics and featuring the Flexfit 110 internal band for maximum comfort and perforated panels for optimal ventilation. The Black Hybrid Performance Cap is built for those who have the love of training.

#7 gels

Energy gels are a quick and efficient way to replenish lost energy and keep going. Macauley packs a selection of gels that provide the necessary carbohydrates and electrolytes to sustain his energy levels during extended runs. He looks for gels with a balanced mix of simple and complex carbohydrates for immediate and sustained energy release. Flavors and ingredients that include caffeine or amino acids can offer additional performance benefits.


Good socks are just as important as good shoes. Performance socks prevent blisters, provide cushioning, and help with moisture control. Macauley moves fast with confidence, knowing the LSKD Fast Performance Socks will support his feet every step of the way. Built with the moisture wicking and breathable CoolDry® performance yarn technology, and featuring compression arch support, ergonomic left & right side specific fits and custom cushioning patten - you can be sure that this high performance sock will hug, cushion and air-dry your feet exactly where needed.

#9 gurney goo

Gurney Goo is a multi-purpose anti-chafe and anti-blister cream, essential for long-distance runners. It helps prevent the discomfort that can come with hours on the trail, ensuring that Macauley can focus on his run without distraction. This product creates a protective barrier on the skin, reducing friction and moisture. It’s especially useful for high-chafe areas like feet, thighs, and underarms, and its long-lasting formula ensures protection throughout the run.

#10 trail running shoes

The foundation of any trail runner's gear, a reliable pair of trail running shoes provides the necessary grip and stability on varied surfaces. Macauley chooses the Nike ZoomX Zegama Trail, known for its aggressive tread patterns that offer superior traction on rocky and muddy trails. These shoes also feature reinforced toe caps and durable uppers to protect against trail hazards. Comfort is key, so the ZoomX foam cushioning and arch support are crucial to preventing foot fatigue and injuries during long runs. The combination of these features ensures that Macauley can tackle any terrain with confidence and comfort.

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