“I think people would describe me as a very calm person.”

“I am a very open book and not ashamed or afraid to say that I do struggle with anxiety.”

Shanea is a mindful movement and yoga instructor from the Gold Coast, Australia. Discovering the transformative power of yoga during a challenging phase in her life in 2019, Shanea decided she wanted to spread this positive impact with others. Despite being described as a very calm person, Shanea opens up about her struggles with anxiety and how yoga has played an important role in helping her through tough times.

“Going through a tough time in my life, and then being able to get out of that through meditation and movement made me realise how important it is."

"Being able to do that for myself and noticing how I felt, I want other people to feel that."

Initially, her yoga journey started with a few minutes of stretching and balancing in the comfort of her living room, gradually evolving into daily hours of practice. In 2020, she committed to a 200-hour certification to become an international yoga teacher. Today, she is privileged to share her passion for mindful movement with numerous individuals.

“It seriously changes your life, and it can change your perspective on anything."

“It's about sharing mindful movement and encouraging people to be mindful with their breath, their body, and then just using that space to just feel really connected with themselves.”

Driven by a desire to share the transformative power of mindfulness and movement, her goal extends beyond personal growth; she aspires to empower others to experience life-altering changes and shift perspectives through the practice of mindful movement.

“The big thing that I have taken into my life is that positive thoughts equals positive action.”

“I am the creator of my life. No matter the good or bad. I get to choose how I take it. I create my goals and achieve things.”

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