Behind The Brand

We Changed Our Mission

We Changed Our Mission

It’s official; we’ve changed our mission…

From chase the vibe to 1% better every day, it’s been a journey of failures, learning and growth.


In 2018 we were known as LKI. At this point in our journey, we really trying to understand our ‘why’ as a brand, and why we came to work every day. This led us to creating our mission to inspire people to chase the vibe. In September 2018, we changed from LKI to LSKD, and flipped the whole company on its head. We agreed to go to work every day and make every decision we made around inspiring people to chase the vibe.


In 2020 we created our six core values, with one of those being 1% better every day. As the years progressed, every single decision we’ve made, we’ve asked ourselves, how can we inspire our community to be 1% better every day?


In 2023 we have decided to make this natural shift from chase the vibe to 1% better every day. The change has felt so organic and has just been so inspiring, not only for our team, but to inspire our community to create something bigger than ourselves.