The Story Behind 'Bianca Orange'

The Story Behind 'Bianca Orange'

A couple of months ago we were hyping up the legends in our LSKD Facebook Community Group about our new drop of Disc Crews.

Bianca, an all-round legend and constant commenter in the group, showed us HEAPS of love for the Disc Crew designs...AND EVEN gave us her own suggestion for a new colour.

The rest of the community group were quick to back Bianca’s creativity and show some love. When the comments kept on coming we took it to the group to decide if we were really going to do this… We asked for 500 likes from the community on Bianca’s post and we would make her design, it didn’t take long at all.

When the LSKD Fam spoke, we listened and got to work on Bianca’s very own Disc Crew design.

After a few quick chats with our suppliers, we brought this beauty to life. Thanks so much to our awesome community. AND THANK YOU BIANCA.

All your love and support is appreciated, this one's for you!