Breast Cancer Wrap Up 2022

Breast Cancer Wrap Up 2022

Breast Cancer Awareness month may be over… but that doesn’t mean the conversation ends!

In 2021 we were able to donate $25,000 to our friends at the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF). With your help, we have raised an epic $70,000 this month alone through the launch of this year’s Breast Cancer Awareness Collection. But our donation doesn’t stop here.

We will continue to donate 5% of sales to the NBCF throughout the year as the collection continues to restock. The NBCF has a clear mission to stop deaths from breast cancer through early detection. Your donations will be used to fund research teams in pursuit of new methods for the early detection and treatment of breast cancer. 9 Australians lose their lives every day to breast cancer. With your help, we ARE changing that.

One of the highlights of this collection was the QR codes we put on the inside of our bras to show you how to do your own breast check. Early detection gives the best possible chance of survival so it is vital that all women regardless of socio-economic situations are 'breast aware' - that is familiar with the normal look and feel of their breasts so they can seek medical advice should they identify any unusual changes (such as a new lump).

We’re so humbled to be able to support this cause with the help of our amazing community. Help us continue to change the statistics. Anyone can make a difference.