“Create a Community” - LSKD Value 2/6

“Create a Community” - LSKD Value 2/6

If you’ve been following along our journey as a brand for a while now you would have heard us talk a lot about our mission to inspire you to chase the vibe through sport, fitness and adventure.

As we continue our pursuit of this mission and story-tell our passion for an active lifestyle there can be times we lose focus of that ADVENTURE.

Just like we have an Athlete Team here at LSKD, partnering with exceptional professional and inspiring athletes around the world, we also have a Creator Team.

A collection of talented individuals who have built a lifestyle around documenting an obsession with adventure. Although separated by vast distances the LSKD Creator Team work closely with each other and the crew here at LSKD HQ.

It’s more than a partnership with individuals for high quality content, it’s a community within a community living out our values and riding along this journey with us as a brand. Their success is our success.

In February, Nick Wherli (@oidonnyboy) our Partnerships Coordinator and Creator Team head honcho, had the idea to get some of the LSKD Creator Team together in one place for an epic adventure in Costa Rica. Although many of the team were based in the USA most had not met each other before and one had never even been on a plane, this was set to be an adventure of a lifetime to solidify the bond and common mission within this epic team.


Costa Rica was chosen as the ideal location for an epic LSKD Creator Team trip because of it’s unique bio-diversity from the mountain regions to the rain forests, cloud forests, volcanoes and breath-taking coastlines.


As soon as the team all arrived in San Jose they made there way to La Fortuna, a 4 hour journey, stopping off at 3 different waterfalls on the way which quickly became a highlight of the trip as the team got there cameras out and did what they do best capturing the explosion of natural beauty on day 1.


Staying overnight in LA Fortuna outside the Arenal Volcano National Park gave the team awe inspiring views to awake to, up in the heights of the cloud forest - a hybrid moist climate in the mountains with rainforests, volcanoes and more.


The team adventured up to the misty cloud forest reserve of Monte Verde in the mountains of the Puntarenas province to explore the rainforest views and finished the day with a sunset yoga session.


On the final days of the trip the team headed to Costa Rica’s pacific coastline to capture sunset on the beach and sail the strong surf on a catamaran tour solidifying bonds and tying off the trip the right way.

Nick Wherli

“Starting from the beginning my favourite thing about the Creator Team is building the connections between each creator, the relationships these creators have made with each other is amazing to see, you’ve got people meeting up in Turkey and Dubai and Hawaii just because they’re in the Creator Team, flicking each other messages in the chat about where they will be next.”

We’re stoked with the community within a community that is the LSKD Creator Team and excited to see what’s next for this crew.Watch the Coast Rica wrap up video below and give each of the creators a cheeky stalk and see how they chase the vibe!

Andrew Russel - CALIFORNIA

Ben Skrillof - VIRGINIA
Brodan Willison - CALIFORNIA
Claire Lejeune - CALIFORNIA
Calvin Hoffmyer - UTAH
Jiliana White - HAWAII
Max Loewenstein - CALIFORNIA
Nicole Zelkowitz - CALIFORNIA
Joey Chan - ILLONOIS
Mikey Christensen - HAWAII
Nick Wehrli - BALI