A rainbow takeover has begun at LSKD… and it’s all about inclusivity.

Starting with an 18 piece collection of some of our favourite fits re-imagined with the offical ‘Progress Pride Flag’ colours.

5% of all sales from the #REPWITHPRIDE collection will go to our friends at ‘Wear It Purple’ to fund services that raise awareness about sexuality, sex and gender identity to challenge harmful social cultures for young LGBTQIA+ people across Australia.

Follow along on socials (@lskd and @lskd.hq) as we open up our channels to start a discussion around awareness and opportunity and if you are local, come along to our first EVER Pride event! Bringing the energy this subject deserves with a dancercise session from the Active Sisters (@theactivesisters), breakfast and a short sharing session with a few special guests.

This is so much more than a product drop and a 1 off donation.

In the making since July 2021 - our amazing community and their unwavering support has allowed us to make this years #REPWITHPRIDE bigger and brighter than ever.

But all of this means nothing without your help…

Get involved and bring the discussion to light in your own communities.

Last year we were able to donate $5k to 'Wear It Purple' from our initial PRIDE collection drop and another $11k throughout the year as we re-stocked, we hope to continue the trend this year!

Fly your flag and let's make a difference.

LSKD Value 1/6 Enjoy The Journey:
Have fun. Be yourself. Embrace diversity.

LSKD Value 2/6 Create a Community:
Our community is why we are here and who we work for.

Special thanks to:

@jakereston for the #REPWITHPRIDE mural.
@theactivesisters for hosting our dancercise class.