Men's Tops

Size Chest Waist
XXS 24-28 16-20
XS 28-32 20-24
S 32-36 24-28
M 36-40 28-32
L 40-44 32-36
XL 44-48 36-40
2XL 48-52 40-44
3XL 52-56 44-48
Size Chest Waist
XXS 60-70 40-50
XS 70-80 50-60
S 80-90 60-70
M 90-100 70-80
L 100-110 80-90
XL 110-120 90-100
2XL 120-130 100-110
3XL 130-140 110-120

* All measurements are guides only. From time to time some people might find that their perfect size does not line up with the size chart data.

How to measure:

Wrap measuring tape around the fullest part of the chest, ensuring the measuring tape is sitting straight across the back when taking the measurements. Once the measuring tape is in position, keep the arms relaxed and by the side.

Measure around the middle of your natural waistline, this should be approximately around where your belly button sits or just above.

Hot Tips 🔥
- The measuring tape should fit closely around the body without squeezing in any way.
- If some of your measurements fall in different sizes, we recommend going with the biggest size.