LSKD x That One Blond Kid

LSKD x That One Blond Kid

“It seems like more often these days people don't like committing to plans. We say "Maybe" to keep our options open. But the real people who are making moves in this world are the ones who say yes. Yes, to adventure, yes to new friendships and yes to new experiences. Maybe gets you nowhere” - Jeremiah Davis (@thatoneblondkid)


Inspired by his friends, Jeremiah Davis (@thatoneblondkid) has built a lifestyle where he is able to get out every day and chase the vibe doing what he loves…

As a commercial and music video director, Jeremiah has built an incredible community of creators through classes, workshops, and discord.

Filming amazing content from cliff diving to stage diving everywhere around the world, we are stoked to be collaborating with Jeremiah for a second time to bring you a fresh new range of caps.

Available in 3 colourways.

SAY YES & go chase the vibe.