LSKD x TOBK Collaboration Cap

LSKD x TOBK Collaboration Cap



Luck is a funny word.
It’s used often to describe someone that is in the right place at the right time.
But if you are working everyday at what you love - chasing the vibe and grinding for the future….
Is it luck that got you to that place, at that time?

Or did you make your own luck?

Introducing The Official LSKD x THAT ONE BLOND KID collaboration caps.

Inspired by his friends, Jeremiah Davis (@thatoneblondkid) has built a lifestyle where he is able to get out everyday and chase the vibe doing what he loves…

Filming amazing content from cliff diving to stage diving everywhere around the world.We are stoked to partner with Jeremiah and hope you enjoy these legendary caps.

May they serve as a reminder to always ‘Make Your Own Luck’.



Follow @thatoneblondkid on the socials to keep up to date with his latest project and the day to day grind.